Drivers connect - traffic improves!

Let's help each other make traffic a better experience!

Here are a few selected features. See more by downloading TRAFFIA

Traffia is a community-based traffic app that aims to improve daily commuting for both drivers and pedestrians.
Traffia is the app that help drivers connect to rapidly send and receive information on issues that occur in traffic or with their vehicles. Pedestrians can actively report accidents and other hazards they see on the road, as well.
Join the application and register with or without your car license number and start communicating with all Traffia users to quickly solve traffic issues.
NOW it's even easier to send a message: there's no need to type, you can scan the license plate number!
Keep yourself and others posted!

  • Predefined messages
  • Minor accidents & parking issues
  • Road blocks, filters, traffic jams
  • Vehicle situations and status

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